History of New Abundant Life Missionary Baptist Church 


By the grace of God, this ministry has been truly blessed since its inception.


On June, 25, 1990, 25 people met with Reverend Anthony D. Marcus for the purpose of establishing a new church. At that meeting, it was agreed that the church would be organized and a second meeting was scheduled for June 30, 1990. At the second meeting, the church was named Abundant Life Ministries, Inc., and Reverend Marcus was called to be the Pastor.


Under the leadership of Pastor Marcus, services were initially held at the Quality Hotel on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. An agreement was later made with Temple Rock of Ages Church to share their facilities on 13th Street, NE, Washington, D.C., and we moved our services to that location.


Pastor Marcus became ill and requested a leave of absence from May 5, 1991 through September 1, 1991. The congregation granted his request. Pastor Marcus subsequently resigned from this Ministry on September 8, 1991. The Church immediately began to search for a new pastor. The search did not take long.


Elder Kenneth L. Hilliard, a son of Greater Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, had already served as interim Pastor during the absence of Pastor Marcus. Elder Hilliard had demonstrated to this Body of Christ his dynamic, Spirit filled leadership, teaching, and preaching capabilities. He had done an outstanding job as our Interim Pastor. Elder Hilliard was called to pastor on September 12, 1991, and he accepted the call. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!


On February 3, 1992, the Church was set aside as a Missionary Baptist Church. On February 16, 1992, Abundant Life Ministries, Inc., became New Abundant Life Missionary Baptist Church, and Elder Kenneth L. Hilliard was officially installed as the pastor. Pastor Hilliard immediately began to exhibit us, once again, his excellent example of exemplary spiritual leadership.


Shortly after he became pastor, he was faced with the dilemma of our contract to conduct services at Temple Rock of Ages Church being rescinded. Pastor Hilliard fervently prayed with the congregation on the corner of 13th Street and I Streets, NE, asking GOD to bless us with a building where we could conduct services. GOD answered his prayers and the prayers of the congregation. He gave us temporary quarters at Greater Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church and at Mt. Morris Missionary Baptist Church. GOD blessed us with our own church building on December 8, 1994. We thank GOD for our home, and we thank GOD for opening the hearts of the Pastors that opened their doors to us when we were without a home.


Pastor Hilliard has birth several ministries in the church including: Deacon/Deaconess, Christian Education, Evangelism, Missions, Prayer, Stewardship, Administration, Pastoral Care, Men’s and Women’s, Youth, Hospitality, Nurses, Ushers, Music and others which promote the spiritual development of the members. Our church has grown spiritually, financially, and numerically under his leadership.


Several spiritual sons have been “born” into this ministry – Pastor Donald C. Hayes, Oakland Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA; Pastor Earl C. Simmons, Maple Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Greer, SC; Elder Wallace L. Johnson; Minister Eric Thomas; Minister Marc Peters; and Minister Rock Nobles.


We are truly blessed to have an anointed teaching teach – Pastor Kenneth L. Hilliard and First Lady Vanessa D.J. Hilliard. Many have come to know Christ and have joined this church through their teaching.


Pastor Hilliard emphasizes the responsibility he has for the souls of his flock, and for this community. He knows that he is accountable for everything he does and says which affects their spiritual lives. Pastor Hilliard is committed to complete GOD’S work.


We praise and thank GOD for giving us a Pastor who is committed to fulfilling the call of GOD in Christ Jesus.


We thank GOD for the strength he has given to this Body of Christ to sustain the many challenges we have been faced with during the past years. We have prayed together and stayed together – FOR HIS GLORY!


GOD has allowed New Abundant Life Missionary Baptist Church to grow and to prosper because of our commitment to “Evangelize, Encourage, Exalt, Empower and Educate for the cause of Christ.”